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About Jane

I work from home in my studio and new workshop surrounded by beautiful countryside in Hale Fen, Cambridgeshire. I love the qualities of natural materials like wool, wood, copper and brass and I experiment with the mythologies of making amplifying traditional techniques in a contemporary way.

"Creativity and ingenuity are what make her stand out from the crafting crowd."

— Country Living Magazine

Materials and Process



Ash is a maker’s great gift from nature; it’s strong, shock resistant and bendy. These properties make it one of the most widely used timbers throughout evolutionary crafts. My unique skills derive from the characteristics of the native species. I utilize the qualities to create a sculptural flow within my furniture and products. I’ve grown my range by experimenting with Walnut, Cherry, Elm, Yew juxtaposing wool, leather and patinaed copper and brass.


I became interested in maritime heritage and making methodologies after living on a narrow boat in Norfolk.

Copper nails and roves, steam-bending and my clinker like constructions are all inspired by traditional boat-builders’ techniques.

I think of the old shipwrights as my hammer taps the anvil and steam bellows from the long thin boxes in my workshop courtyard. I’m excited: steam-bending is magical, theres a flow to my pace of work, I love to get lost in that intuitive world of balancing discipline and flare.